What is the heat-resistant gloves


Heat resistant gloves are special high-temperature glov […]

Heat resistant gloves are special high-temperature gloves used under high temperature environment. According to the temperature of the hand contact, different high-temperature gloves can be selected, and the design of the palm and index finger wear-resistant cortex of ultra-high temperature mixed-fiber five-finger gloves.
High-temperature gloves are used in many industrial processes. The most common is the protection of the operator's hands under high-temperature conditions. We divide the high temperature into three types:
1, the environmental temperature: This is equivalent to the temperature in the weather forecast, it is difficult to use protective equipment to protect the living and industrial operations, the general use of air conditioning to cool down. It is basically not involved in hand protection.
2, radiant heat: This is equivalent to the temperature in the summer heat, because of heat caused by the sun or fire and other heat radiation, this situation is now widely used as a reflection of heat protection, such as the use of aluminum foil material to reflect the vast Some radiate heat.
3, contact with high temperature: This is what we generally refer to the high temperature, many casting parts in the industrial field, metal accessories and other objects themselves temperature. In industrial operations, it is necessary to move people or touch the high temperature parts. At this time, high temperature protection is required.