What are the weaves of cotton yarn protective gloves?


1. Crochet knitting: including striped knitting, interl […]

1. Crochet knitting: including striped knitting, interlaced knitting, plain knitting and back knitting, weft knitting and crochet knitting.
2. Blending: Knitwear is knitted on different sides of the knitted fabric to achieve two effects (such as comfort and firmness).
The needle is the main component in knitting. The machine manufactures the product through the operation of the needle. The density of the stitch refers to the number of stitches within 1 inch (ie 2.54 cm). The smaller the density of the stitch, the finer the glove and the more dexterous. It is easier to feel the object. The higher the density of the stitches, the thicker the gloves and the better the protection.

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