Touch screen gloves


Touch screen gloves are special gloves used to operate […]

Touch screen gloves are special gloves used to operate capacitive touch screen products in winter. It integrates technology and warmth into one, and solves the problem of the frozen hand of the Iphone family operating the touch screen mobile phone in the winter. This touch screen glove can also operate the popular touch screen in the case of gloves, for example, the new touch screen operation experience of the stylus-free button and multi-touch, including the traditional single touch technology. This touch screen glove is specially designed for capacitive multi-touch screen, which can be multi-touch, more user-friendly and convenient, and can bring a better operating experience to users.
With the launch of Iphone in 2007, capacitive touch screen products began to climb the historical stage. After that, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE and other mobile phone manufacturers have launched capacitive touch screen products. By 2011, the global touch screen mobile phone share has been It accounts for 75% of total smartphone shipments.
But with it, the problem of keeping warm with the capacitive touch screen products in winter. Since the glove cannot operate the capacitive touch screen product (not conductive), the touch screen product is very frozen indoors. Especially in Korea at high latitudes, once in 2010, it was popular to use sausages to play capacitive touch screen mobile phones. At the other end of the country, China, there are also many people who are troubled by this. It is understood that in 2010, the Japanese white bird Zhe also introduced touch screen gloves to the Chinese market for the first time. In 2011, we established Touch Trade Co., Ltd. in China, registered the Touch brand, and started the era of touch oven gloves in China!