Silicone gloves


Silicone gloves, also known as silicone insulated glove […]

Silicone gloves, also known as silicone insulated gloves, silicone oven gloves,cut resistant sleeves, silicone anti-scald gloves. It is harmless to the human body, resistant to high and low temperatures, resistant to steaming, boiling, water vapor, and environmentally friendly. General silicone gloves are fashionable and unique, with good quality and affordable price. Silicone gloves - life insulation antifreeze essential silicone gloves, English name sillcone glove, also known as silicone insulation gloves, silicone oven gloves, silicone anti-scald gloves. The material is environmentally friendly silicone. Different from the hand warmth and labor protection effect of conventional gloves, the role of silicone gloves is mainly located in heat insulation and anti-scald. Suitable for home kitchens and cake baking industries. The manufacturing process is that the hydraulic press is formed by high temperature vulcanization. Silicone products.
Common shape
Silicone gloves, the main ones are mainly finger-separated type, the fingers are semi-separated and the fingers are not separated. Different shapes have different degrees of protection for the fingers. Among them, the silicone gloves with the fingers are not separated, the appearance is also more diverse, there are puppy-shaped, frog-shaped, piglet-shaped and so on.