Polyester gloves


Polyester fiber A high tenacity polyethylene fiber, a b […]

Polyester fiber A high tenacity polyethylene fiber, a by-product of petrochemicals. It has outstanding mechanical properties (wear and cut resistance) and is resistant to many chemicals and anti-cleaning products.
Polyester is a synthetic material produced by the polymerization of petrochemical products. The properties of polyester are similar to those of polyamide - high toughness, elasticity and clarity. In addition, polyester fiber can be combined with wool and cotton to solve the problem that the polyester does not absorb water.
The above mentioned are mainly textile fibers commonly used in knitted gloves, but many other types of gloves use a lot of materials. For example, many are new materials or common copper. However, the use of the most advanced material fiber production technology, the development of new technology, especially the discovery and enhancement of new materials, and the continuous improvement and enhancement of the production process will continue to make the materials used in Flame-retardant heat resistant gloves textile production frequently updated.