Labor insurance gloves performance test method


The first is the cut resistance of the protective glove […]

The first is the cut resistance of the protective gloves, which is the number of times the knife is cut, and how many times the glove can withstand damage. Then there is the puncture resistance, that is, how much force is required to pierce the palm of the glove with the calibrated spikes, and the range of use of the glove can be obtained. In addition, the firmness of the glove is expressed by the amount of force required to tear the pre-cut crack in the glove material. The above data detection can ensure the use range of the glove, the maximum limit that can be withstood, and is convenient for the use of the staff. .
The labor protection gloves produced by our factory are all subject to strict quality inspection, and the performance is very superior. Only the products with qualified quality can be put into use.