KEVLAR fiber gloves


High mechanical resistance, better wear resistance, no […]

High mechanical resistance, better wear resistance, no surface drawing, stable performance after washing, and long service life.
KEVLAR and UV: UV can change the natural yellow appearance of KEVLAR, making the fiber slightly darker. When the fiber changes color, the fiber loses its tensile strength slightly. However, the thermal resistance (fire resistance) and mechanical strength (cutting) of the glove will not be weakened. This is why this product is shipped in black plastic bags.
The KEVLAR trademark on the glove or wristband indicates that the product has DuPont quality standards. Although this trademark does not replace the 89/686 provisions of the Personal Protective Equipment Standard, the product provides an additional high quality guarantee.
Safety first, anti-micro-gradual, KEVLAR fiber will be the best glove fiber you have found so far. Although KEVLAR fiber gloves are more expensive than leather or BBQ gloves, in the long run, its excellent mechanical properties and easy cleaning make it more valuable.
Ingredients - the best anti-cutting solution; lining - heat-proof design; PVC plastic - the best anti-skid solution; PU or latex coating - can be used in oily or oily environments.

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