Equipment and the use of protective gloves and quality requirements


Quality of equipment and the use of protective gloves a […]

Quality of equipment and the use of protective gloves and a hand injury prevention requires fundamental way is to take automation, remote control, robotics and other measures to avoid or reduce the hand directly involved in operations. But in fact completely touch the job is currently impossible, and to take other measures need to have some technical and economic conditions as a basis, therefore, in the present case the use of protective gloves to protect hands to operate, can still play to a certain security role.


When the electrical department of Zhengzhou City, a 10 kV line maintenance courses during live operations, a university graduate to work in less than a year, only 21-year-old staff due to the disregard of safety, do not wear insulated gloves, the results left mistakenly hit live wire, resulting in personal electric shock, death by falling.


I. Overview of protective gloves
According to time "labor protective gloves general technical conditions" (GB 12624-1990), labor protection gloves (the gloves) is available for the use of laborers working to protect the hand and arm function of protective equipment.
(A) structural features and the role of protective gloves
1. Protective gloves lined and unlined
Unlined glove with excellent touch, so that the wearer's hands to work flexibly. Lined gloves (liners usually knitted gloves together after lining enhances the structural strength), better anti-cutting, cutting, piercing, but feel better than unlined gloves.
2. Protective gloves grip design
Part of the palm surface and fingers after treatment, to make it in the dry and wet environment can firmly grasp objects. Typically in these two portions decorated with PVC dotted, lines, or other patterns to increase its friction, suitable for opponents of the flexibility of certain requirements of industry personnel job.
3. Protective gloves cuff design
There are tear resistant protective gloves can be rolled cuffs, knit cuffs and straight sleeves. Cuff protects the wrist and more parts, standard safety cuff normal length of 6. 35cm, and the sleeve is generally straight 11. 43cm or longer, protective gloves suitable for regular contact with corrosive materials industry personnel job.