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In 2011, a new type of Flame-retardant heat resistant g […]

In 2011, a new type of Flame-retardant heat resistant gloves appeared in the Chinese market. This glove was produced with the production of touch-screen electronic devices such as touch-screen mobile phones. Because the capacitive touch screen screen is controlled by human body current sensing, Ordinary gloves can't transmit human current, so people encounter a problem in the harsh winter. They can't control the mobile phone with gloves. However, when there is a phone call or need to use a mobile phone, you must remove the gloves and expose your hands in the harsh winter. People need a new type of touch-screen gloves. Because of the conductive fibers embedded in the glove fabric, the gloves have a conductive effect, and the human body current can be smoothly transmitted to the screen for manipulation. The effect of a capacitive screen.
Women wear gloves and are more elegant and beautiful, so ancient Europe has silk, velvet and other decorative gloves, black and white color length and length. Hand-painted and black woven gloves appeared in the 19th century, giving a mysterious look.


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