Gloves resistant to electrical damage


The domestic steel wire gloves are made of stainless st […]

The domestic steel wire gloves are made of stainless steel wire and can replace imported metal gloves under certain circumstances. In the case of less stringent requirements, this glove can be considered in consideration of the cost of operation.
Wrapped steel wire gloves are made of stainless steel wire wrapped in high-strength fiber. This cut-proof glove has excellent cut-proof performance, comfortable wearing, and can be cleaned. The cut-proof performance can reach 5 grades, which can meet the protection of almost any workplace without non-power tools. Cutting. It is used in a large number of places for the manufacture, division, and handling of glass-steel sheets, the replacement and handling of knives, the cutting and unloading of leather materials, and the armed police fighting. It can be made in various styles and protective gloves according to customer requirements. .
Kevlar gloves are made of various kinds of Kevlar gloves with their own materials such as light weight, abrasion resistance, cut resistance and high temperature resistance. They are suitable for various places with light cutting and high wear resistance. , machining, casting and other places.
Diynma anti-cutting gloves, strong resistance, wear and fit, anti-static, etc., are used in a large number of cutting protection in precision machining, cutting protection in the food industry, cutting protection in dust-free working environment, etc. .
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