Cut-resistant gloves


Cut-resistant gloves can be divided into three types ac […]

Cut-resistant gloves can be divided into three types according to the material.
One is a metal glove, which is made up of countless small rings. Its role is to protect the hands from being cut during the use of cutting machinery. According to the needs of the operation, the cut-resistant gloves can be divided into three types of three-finger and five-finger protection.
Mainly used in meat processing and extreme mechanical strength work, high cutting risk work. Those who manufacture steel plates and equipment tools can wear these gloves to protect the hands and wrists, safely and safely, and improve processing efficiency.
The second is the high-strength polyethylene and glass fiber materials as the core of the yarn, and the new fiber is the outer layer of the BLADE X5 TM yarn. These materials have stronger cut resistance, and the high-strength high-modulus polyethylene fiber (HPPE) is also a A very good fiber resistant cutting material. Lightweight, comfortable to use, and coated with wire, the standard for anti-cutting products far exceeds CE5. This anti-cutting glove has no coating on the back, is breathable and comfortable, and provides ideal flame retardant and cutting protection. It is mainly used in automotive parts assembly, product packaging, electronic and electrical assembly, and light assembly work.
The third is the anti-cutting gloves mainly made of Kevlar. The primary color of the fiber is yellow, strong and light, and flexible. The yarn of BLADE X5 TM with the new fiber as the outer layer of the yarn is not easy to be shed, and the light is not discolored, and has excellent wear resistance and cutting resistance, and its strength is the same. 15 times the quality steel, it is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. The outstanding characteristics are super wear-resistant, good elasticity, easy to wear off, comfortable and breathable, without affecting the movement of the joints of the hands. It can effectively prevent the damage caused by the knives and sharps on the palms and fingers. It is suitable for more industries and environments. At the same time, it also increases the functionality of the glove itself, such as oil-slip environment anti-slip function, tear-proof, anti-puncture function.
In addition, a large number of yarn gloves on the market do not have the function of cutting prevention, and can only play a basic protective role in the hands, so it is especially important to select suitable gloves for different working environments.