Note the use of personal protective supplies


Means workers labor protection products from the produc […]

Means workers labor protection products from the production process for the mitigation of accident or injury and occupational hazards of individual players wear (wear) items worn in the comprehensive measures to prevent occupational hazard factors in the prevention of belonging to the first level. When working conditions are not improved from the device, it is the main protective measures.


Labor protection products categories are: protective clothing (hats, protective clothing, gloves), protective masks and glasses, anti-crossover, respirators, skin protectant. Labor protection products in - the prevention of harmful environmental factors and the trauma of an integrated approach is an important auxiliary equipment. In some cases, such as when poisoning incidents occur or equipment maintenance, etc., the rational use of labor protection products, can play an important protective role.


The main role of labor protection products are:
(1) isolation and shielding effect
(2) adsorption filter
When using the protective equipment should not only pay attention to the protective effect, it should also consider whether meet the physical requirements for ease of use. During use, should strengthen the management and inspection and maintenance, in order to achieve the desired effect.
Use protective equipment should note the following:
(1) The correct choice of protective equipment
(2) learn to use protective equipment
(3) use protective equipment