The world\'s first intelligent massage glove


As one of the leading event in the global scientific co […]

As one of the leading event in the global scientific community, the current General Assembly GMIC Beijing station in addition to the global mobile Internet innovation leaders converged outside the site will also have all kinds of cool new intelligent robots, intelligent vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles and smart phones, smart watches smart devices stunning debut. Among them, Shenzhen times Easy Health Technology Development Co., Ltd. developed the world's first intelligent massage glove "shook" choose released today.


Over-reliance on mobile computers birth "electronic hand" hidden


People are distributed each hand 123 ligaments, 35 muscles strong, 48 nerves, arteries more than 30. Prolonged operation of the mouse, keyboards, cell phones and other electronic devices, so the palm knuckles, interphalangeal joints, tendons and other long-term operation, in today's society "mouse hand", "keyboard player", "hand touch" and "electronic hand" It has become the biggest threat to human health in hands. Intelligent massage glove shook prevent "electronic hand"


Shook WOWO intelligent massage glove is one to be "electronic family" born of the hands of health smart devices, simulation manual massage of principle, to the effect of health care squeeze by hand pressure points. The equipment consists times easily, Shenzhen Health Technology Development Co., Ltd. developed, compact, easy to carry; built-in rechargeable lithium battery, charging 2 hours can stand one week, continued to massage four hours; Bluetooth 4.0 transmission, wireless operation; with the phone APP, can be remote control, social sharing interactions.


Original 5 male and 5 kinds of massage modes alleviate the "modern disease"


According to Chinese medicine theory, there are many important health points, such as Spontaneous, thenar point, less government points, Hoku, Shenmen wait a person's palm, different acupuncture points correspond to different organs of the body, often massage the hands, stimulate appropriate points, can play physical fitness, illnesses and maintain good health.


Shook WOWO intelligent massage gloves combined with traditional Chinese medicine meridian health and modern smart technology, according to the 12 hour regimen - Flowing, the first male and female each five kinds of personalized massage mode with different massage different acupoints hour, play physical fitness, illnesses and maintain good health. Women can choose from five modes include blood, the US hand, beauty, sleep aids, Shu shoulder; male selectable modes for the kidney, nourishing the heart, aiding sleep, spleen, and stomach.


About Shenzhen times easy:
Shenzhen times Easy Health Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an innovative smart dressed business industry. Companies with Chinese traditional medicine and modern smart technology, in the "still had me, back to nature," the mission, fully committed to the development of smart wearable health products. August 2014, Health Technology CEO Wang Suna easy times to bring the world's first independent research and development of intelligent wearable health products - "shook intelligent massage glove" project, participation in the global mobile Internet industry's most influential event - the Great Wall Club GMIC 2014 "ISP a world (Innovation Sailing Program)" intelligent hardware project roadshow, and good results in the monthly championship.