Common materials for high temperature resistant gloves


High temperature resistant material (1) Novoloid - a ne […]

High temperature resistant material
(1) Novoloid - a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber, non-melting, anti-flame, high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance up to 1100 ° C, soft and comfortable, and resistant to many chemical substances, even after repeated washing will not affect Its high temperature resistance.
(2) Kevlar - is a widely used aromatic synthetic fiber, not only resistant to cutting, but also resistant to high temperature damage.
(3) Aluminized material - resistant to radiant heat at higher temperatures.
(4) Leather - If it is kept dry, it has good low temperature resistance. At the same time, its non-melting and non-combustible characteristics make it often used to make electric welding gloves.
(5) Cotton - is also a natural material, which can properly protect high temperature and low temperature. However, due to the protection requirements, the gloves are made thicker and the flexibility is not good enough.