Classification and characteristics of cut resistant gloves


Cut-resistant gloves can be divided into three fingers […]

Cut-resistant gloves can be divided into three fingers and five fingers.
Mainly used in meat processing enterprises and individuals, large restaurants and hotels, supermarket chains, etc., the personnel who operate the equipment bring this glove to protect the hands and wrists, safe and secure operation equipment, improve processing efficiency.
Qualified steel wire gloves should have the following characteristics:
1, high quality stainless steel, nylon belt.
2, has excellent anti-wear, anti-cutting, anti-poke protection, comfortable to wear, easy to clean.
3, a single glove, you can adjust the strip, and the two hands are used interchangeably.
4, safe and hygienic, easy to clean.
5. The degree of protection reaches 5 levels.
6, cuffs have a choice of Velcro or button, easy to detach.