Characteristics of electrically insulated gloves


Usually electrically insulated gloves are made of pure […]

Usually electrically insulated gloves are made of pure natural latex. Latex is divided into two types: dry glue and wet glue. Insulating gloves made of wet glue have a long processing cycle and high production cost, but the elasticity of the product is particularly good and the use is very flexible. In addition, due to the special nature of live working and the characteristics of the electric insulating Heat resistant gloves themselves, when wearing such gloves, first wear cotton gloves (sweat, anti-slip), then put on latex gloves, and finally wear epithelial protection. Gloves to prevent piercing of insulated gloves by sharp objects.
Glove-resistant electrical insulating gloves for electrical damage are specially designed and rigorously tested to ensure safety. Glove function selection
1 The fingertip is semi-circular, which relieves the pressure generated by the fingertip during operation;
2 is not easy to be contaminated with dust, suitable for cleaners;
3 strong elasticity, fully fit hand shape, not easy to slip, flexible finger movement, suitable for fine work;
4 breathable, suitable for long hours of operation.