Two common styles of oven gloves


Two common styles of oven gloves The advantages of thre […]

Two common styles of oven gloves
The advantages of three-quarters of the sleeves make the wearer look elegant and slender, and the one that is exposed to the outside is fitted with medium-length gloves. The medium and long gloves are the most versatile of the knitted fabric. The knitted material is originally a warm feeling. In the cold winter, wearing a pair of beautiful knitted gloves, the warm feeling is born.
The open finger is also called the half finger glove style, which is the exaggeration of the fingerless gloves that grow to the elbow, which is relatively difficult to match. Because of its special shape, it is best to wear only one. If both hands are worn, it will be taken over. This style of gloves and short-sleeved trench coat is the best partner, when the two together, it will be very good. If you attend the winter party with such a dress, it will definitely attract attention.